Friday, November 26, 2010

Nazi Blue-Collar Crimes @ Graduate School of Socio-Ecological Research for Development

Criminals use so many names you can’t even count. Graduate School of Socio-Ecological Research for Development is yet another program run by the same robbers and terrorists of Universität Kassel.

So these bums of Global Labour University or ICDD, University of Kassel, make consortiums of third-class institutions from around the world – so-called graduate schools that you’ve never heard of and never will – ABCD upstarts. Because everybody knows that University of Kassel is a Nazi institution, these days they’re especially inviting non-Muslim Indians to do some public relationing for them, that is, dark brown monsters who worship cows.

But, you know Freemasonry has its own religion. They want to create a secular world because labor class believes that God has disowned them – as if they’re all deserving of God’s attention.

All Jews and non-Arab Muslims should keep Nazi gas chambers in mind if they ever think of Germany for higher education. What else do you know about Germany? BMW is made in Japan or China, not Germany. Germans have only created gas chambers with Arab money. Both Germans and Arabs hate the Jews as well as non-Arab Muslims, especially women.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Arabic Cuntie @ Promotionskolleg Global Social Policies and Governance, Universität Kassel!

Utterly shameful: This is how they advertise the International Center for Development and Decent Work @ University of Kassel (Unitits Castra):

Certainly not for those that come from good homes, cultures, etc. They’re butchers out there. Unless you want to be a butcher or barber all your life….

God, look at their hairs!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Arabic Home: Global Labour University (GLU)

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) is a miserable institution of the third-class freemasons. When they’re told that students are being attacked at University of Kassel – running one of ILO’s so-called academic programs for the mentally retarded – the ILO’s response is absolute silence/rebuff. In other words, they don’t give a damn about anything except their own pigs of breadbaskets.

And, the only loud thing about labor you hear is terrorism or communist terror. Now you can do the Math yourself to figure out what ILO is really up to — breeding mentally retarded terrorists. In fact, students at Universität Kassel’s ILO program, MA Labour Policies and Globalisation (LPG) are so third-class they ask you questions such as, ‘Where is Amsterdam?’ or ‘Where is Pakistan?’ They speak 2 words per hour, and due to the fact that they’re adults, their mental retardation is so frustrating you just want to slap them until their buttocks of faces grow red. As adults, you’re expected to grow more than just pubic hairs and mammary glands.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Arab @ MA Global Political Economy (GPE), University of Kassel

At the University of Kassel, they don’t ask you for your GRE’s or anything. All they want is a certain quantity of students each year, and this is a problem when extremely low IQ students are forced to pretend they are equals to the bright ones. Thus, low IQ students get very jealous, and out of sheer hate, they rob you among other things, as they come from least-income homes. Even if they try to murder you, University of Kassel is so irresponsible they’d side with the dumb Nazi-Talibans from poor homes.

They should never be trusted. Universität Kassel is run by illiterates. It’s best, therefore, to just keep away from them.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Arabic Hole @ ICDD, Universität Kassel, Germany!


You never hear Germany in the world media. Because Germany only whispers to all that believe it’s still alive. No doubt, Germany is a propaganda nation that has mastered the art of deception.

Muslims that do not belong to the Arab world are offended when everybody starts to say that the generic Muslim is responsible for Arab stupidity around the globe. Most Germans don’t even know that all Muslims aren’t Arabs. But, their murmuring government has spread this lie through Switzerland-financed Freemason media.

Now if you say that all Muslims are Arabs, you expect all Muslims to behave as Arabs. That is what the Arabs want, and Germany says that it would help Arabs to Arabize the world. Why does Germany say this secretly to Arabs? Because Freemasonry and Switzerland are secret societies. Corrupt individuals and organizations that hold bank accounts in Switzerland are promised secrecy. (Now don’t tell us you don’t know how Al-Qaeda is secretly financed).

Today, if you ask the University of Kassel, Germany, whether they are attacking Muslim women, they would reply that all Arabs are doing just fine out there. They attack Muslim women, not Arabs.

Slow, low-IQ, ugly, ignorant, and poor-standard everything — Arabs are perfectly integrating into German society. Male or female — they’ve got holes for Germans to smell. At the University of Kassel, for example, Arab Turks are sexually submissive. Male or female — they are ever-ready to offer their holes to Germans. Arab males are just like Arab females, just as there is only one sex in Germany: The Hole.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nazi Slits @ Promotionskolleg Global Social Policies and Governance, Universität Kassel

You know that Switzerland allows all corrupt people of the world to hold their bank accounts — no question asked.

Switzerland is also where International Labour Organisation (ILO) is based. Have you ever heard America’s name in connection with the ILO? Of course not. Because America fights the Taliban, unlike the Germans who finance them.

You know the Taliban are the poorest people of the world saying ‘Give us all you’ve got or else….’

At the University of Kassel, rape-attempter Prof. Rolf-Dieter Postlep teaches that that’s ok, and this is how poor people should behave. He leads the most uncultured group of students that you would only find in a terror training camp run by Al-Qaeda. And when they behave in all sorts of uncivilized ways, he says this is how poor people ought to behave. ‘Give them all you’ve got or else…’

ILO has something to do with Rolf-Dieter Postlep’s labor programs. These programs are inspired by ILO, in fact — that Freemason organization, teaching terrorism to the third-class. Here’s where Arab Turk terrorists with middle partings starting from their heads, all the way down, mix with the servant class from around the world. And, they’re taught to act as unruly as possible. If you’ve read media reports on rape attempts cases at University of Kassel elsewhere, you’ve noticed how often the word ‘terrorism’ is used in connection with these labor class duds.

Another question is, How come Germany’s economy is doing so well when nobody really buys anything from them? Answer: They are thieves.

Another fact seems to be that they are the ones that have helped Arabs achieve the freedom to terrorize the world. Have you ever heard Germany’s name in connection with anything good? Somebody should count the word ‘Donor’ or ‘Doner’ (that is, Donor near) on Germany’s walls. It’s an intimate give-and-take relationship — between the Germans and Arabs. And, how many of us would not freely associate the word ‘terrorism’ with the Germans, just as we do with Arabs?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dangerous Animals at MA Labour Policies and Globalisation (LPG), Kassel University

This is to warn everybody that there are seriously psycho, really dangerous criminals at University of Kassel, Germany. They're involved in racist attacks and Nazi rape attempts. They've been labelled as terrorists. Foreign students are running away because these red-eyed dogs and bitches at Kassel University are capable of taking your life, especially if you have everything they would never have, including intelligence and knowledge.

It's an illiterate university.

Germany gives the option to foreign complainants to pay the Nazi nation to charge the Nazis. But foreigners believe that's Germany's job -- bringing its terrorists to justice.

Thus far, Germany has shown its impotence and incompetence in the matter. The dogs and bitches, seriously dangerous hounds are around at Kassel University. They're looking for your flesh, to rape and butcher.

Stay away from them!